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Will tensions in the South China sea...

With tensions flaring in the...
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Should Teachers be allowed to "Walk...

In Washington State, teachers...
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Should Teachers be allowed to "Walk...

In Washington State, teachers...
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Why Does America Only Have 2...

It is imperative for one to be...
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Are you afraid of the police?

With the recent debates over...
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Can Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton?

Can Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in a general election? What are your thoughts?
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Why can two people of the same sex get married but not a group?

With the new Supreme Court Ruling, why is it that someone of the same sex can get married but not a group of people? Why are we stopping incest? Why are we stopping people from marrying...
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Will tensions in the South China sea spark a war?

With tensions flaring in the south China Sea, will the United States go to war with China over the disputed islands?
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Should Teachers be allowed to "Walk Out"?

In Washington State, teachers are "Walking Out" of class in a strike against the Capitol aimed at convincing legislators to pass a bill to lower class sizes and...
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Are you afraid of the police?

With the recent debates over Mike Brown and Eric Garner shootings with police, should we be afraid of the police?
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Do you think Rajapaksha will win this time?

Mr. Rajapaksha was president for 2 terms, why should people elect him as president this term as well?
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Are trade deficits detrrimental to their nation's GDPs?

Yes![excerpted from Wikipedia's artical entitled "Balance of trade" : Trade Balances' affects upon their nation’s GDP[edit...
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Should the United States attack Syria?

I do believe that war is a completely necessary thing for governments and nations to engage in. It has been proven for centuries that it can yield positive outcomes for both the winner and loser...
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Should the USA adppt an Import Certifcate policy for global trade?

Reduce the trade deficit; increase GDP & median wage Warren Buffett’s concept to significantly reduce USA’s trade deficit. It is not our global trade but our trade deficits’ that are a...
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Should police brutality/corruption become a mainstream issue?

Not all cops are bad, but there are some really bad apples out there...pretty much any Average Joe can become an officer if he/she goes through the police academy and completes the necessary...
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Why Does America Only Have 2 Political Parties?

It is imperative for one to be correct and the other to be wrong all the time? Can't they both be wrong?
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Why don't any of the folks in DC want to solve our suicide epidemic?

Conservatives and progressives are invited to share their views on this issue. I think this is a non-partisan issue as it tragically affects many families of both parties across the nation. I...
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Fiscal responsibility?

Even though this box says argument I'm not here to argue. I want to hear views from progressives and conservatives on what they think our government should do to get america back on track...
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Student Loans -What do you think?

The United States Federal Government should set the interest rate for subsidized student loans at zero percent. Do you agree or disagree?
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Is a unitary secular Palestine the only remaining solution?

Palestinian confidence in the PA continues to drop, as a result of its cooperation with Israel or more accurately the impression that it is powerless to stop Israeli land grabs and the impression...
ekoc's Avatar

Guns- Take them away?

There is a debate about gun shows, not the 2nd amendment. I want to see some discussion on the new modern issue, gun rights. Should the government take our guns away because of increased mass...
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Risk From Smoking Cannabis?

To those who do smoke cannabis (weed, marijuana, pot, etc.) do you not realize the health risks involved? Though there are risks, why smoke the drug? Cigarettes are way healthier than...
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Should we close the gun show loophole?

In many states, Washington included, private sales of firearms are allowed at private gunshows, providing a nearly untraceable supply of weapons with no background checks or psychological...
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American Dream Stalled?

The American dream was always that a hardworking person could work their way up the exonomic ladder through merit, and for many decades the essential part of that has been achieving greater...
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Red states ranked better off than Blue States?

A recent article goes to show that all Red states are in the top 5, and 4/5 of the states in the worst are Blue states. Does it mean conservative values towards an economy work? This article seems...