Abortion Debates

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Key Point On Abortion?

Most women get a abortion because they're too young to have a child, but if this were the case why would they be having sex? If you find out you're pregnant, shouldn't you take...
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Would you have wanted to be aborted?

Here is a great question to all of those who support the women's choice in abortion. Would you personally be ok with being aborted if your mom wanted to do it?
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Abortion Rights vs. Prostitution Rights?

I saw a user on this site post something about abortion rights for a female being compared to prostitution laws- they made a great point... allow me to explain. Organizations such as NOW...
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your body ?

abortion is to be banned.I know people say its my body. No it is not! it is the babies body.so if you want to kill somthing kill yourself. not lifes greatest miracle
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When does life begin?

This is the classic Abortion debate, with a little bit of a twist. When does human life begin? The first heart beat? What do you think?