Economy Debates

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Are trade deficits detrrimental to their nation's GDPs?

Yes![excerpted from Wikipedia's artical entitled "Balance of trade" : Trade Balances' affects upon their nation’s GDP[edit...
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Should the USA adppt an Import Certifcate policy for global trade?

Reduce the trade deficit; increase GDP & median wage Warren Buffett’s concept to significantly reduce USA’s trade deficit. It is not our global trade but our trade deficits’ that are a...
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Fiscal responsibility?

Even though this box says argument I'm not here to argue. I want to hear views from progressives and conservatives on what they think our government should do to get america back on track...
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Red states ranked better off than Blue States?

A recent article goes to show that all Red states are in the top 5, and 4/5 of the states in the worst are Blue states. Does it mean conservative values towards an economy work? This article seems...
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Have Unions Lost Their Credibility?

With the recent closure of Hostess and the ongoing problems Unions cause for businesses, are they losing their credibility they once had years ago? Looking at Hostess, not only will they not...
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Last minute predictions. Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?

Please post your opinion on who you think will win the election and why. Bonus if you post the electoral map.
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Is it over for Obama?

Today's Gallup poll shows he is down 7% to Romney. Rasmussen shows he is under Romney, and the entire Real Clear Politics average shows Romney now winning in the polls and now the electoral...
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Who won the first presidential debate?

Now the debate is over, who won? Who do you think is the victor in the first presidential debate, Governor Romney, or President Obama?
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Corporations Vs. Unions? Donations and Free Speech?

What do you think about corporations (or just any business) being allowed unlimited and no sanctioned donations going to political purposes versus unions donating for political purposes?
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Is money free speech?

How does everybody feel about citizens united? While I personally disagree with the decision it would be great to hear other positions and why you guys have them!
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Obama's Broken Promises?

This is a question out to everyone who support and approves of the job Barack Hussein Obama has done: With so many broken promises, what basis do you think he will fulfill his new promises,...
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National Debt Now Up $5.4 Trillion Under Obama In Under 4 Years?

The national debt has now topped $16 Trillion dollars. Obama has contributed $5.4 trillion dollars since he took office under 4 years. Why aren't the Democrats and Liberals up in arms like...
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Is a country where citizens depend on entitlements a good thing?

"One in six Americans received food stamps or other public assistance last year, but the number of people with a Ph.D. or Masters degree who receive that aid has tripled in the past two...
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How Equal Do You Think Society Should Be?

A recent bbc study asked Americans that question, respondents overwhelmingly favored an even more equal swedish model system as opposed to the American. They then conducted a major poll asking...
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"If You Have A Business, You Didn't Build That"?

Check my source, it's the full speech on Obama telling a group "If you've got a business, you didn't build that". Does Obama really think that people who have...