Education Debates

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Should Teachers be allowed to "Walk Out"?

In Washington State, teachers are "Walking Out" of class in a strike against the Capitol aimed at convincing legislators to pass a bill to lower class sizes and...
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Student Loans -What do you think?

The United States Federal Government should set the interest rate for subsidized student loans at zero percent. Do you agree or disagree?
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American Dream Stalled?

The American dream was always that a hardworking person could work their way up the exonomic ladder through merit, and for many decades the essential part of that has been achieving greater...
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Should things that go against religious beliefs be taught in schools?

Things that go against some religious beliefs like the big bang theory and the evolution theory should not be taught in schools. I go to a public school where they make us learn the evolution...
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Does Glen Beck have any connection to reality?

the other day I was watching glen beck for laughs and he claimed that the democratic revolutions in the middle east are going to lead to a new Islamic Caliphate across the Muslim world and as a...