Health and Welfare Debates

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Can Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton?

Can Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in a general election? What are your thoughts?
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Why don't any of the folks in DC want to solve our suicide epidemic?

Conservatives and progressives are invited to share their views on this issue. I think this is a non-partisan issue as it tragically affects many families of both parties across the nation. I...
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Is Paul Ryan A Good Pick For Romney's Vice President?

Paul Ryan has been chosen by Mitt Romney to be the Republican 2012 Vice Presidential candidate. Wasa he a good pick? What are your thoughts?
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Is Pepsi or Coke better?

I would have to say Pepsi beats Coke any day of the week. I want to see how Coke fans defend their beloved soda franchise of evil.
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Is the healthcare law a job killer?

It's known that if your business has 50 more people working for it, you MUST provide healthcare for each employee or pay a $750 fine. Is this a job killer? Or is it the "right thing to...
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Is Health Care Constitutional?

In recent news, a Federal Appeals court has said that Health Care is unconstitutional as no where in the constitution does it say you MUST buy anything from the government. I have to agree with...
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Can anyone provide legitimate evidence of negative consequences of marijuan use?

Over the years many wild claims have been made about marijuana, for example it has been claimed that it's use causes uncontrollable rage "reefer madness" and it has also been...
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Was health care passed legally?

Was what the Democrats passed legal? Combining two bills and calling it fair? What do you think. Personally, I don't think so. I think on something so large and important that it honestly...
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Will Obama listen to GOP concerns?

Obama says he is open to bipartisan solutions to health care, and I think that is good, but he has not shown bipartisan ship when he is forever placing blame on the other poolitical party and...