Historical Debates

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Why is the repubican party the party of white men? Must it change??

Why did women, Hispanics African Americans, and Homosexuals vote for democrats by over 50%, as high as 90% for some demographics? Why is the only major demographic that republicans lead white...
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Who do you want to win president?

Who do you pick?
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Was The Cold War handled properly?

Was the Soviet Union really the "red scare" the propaganda press made it out to be? Was installing dictators in nations around the world, an thus betraying our democratic principles for...
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Can Newt Gingrich Beat Obama?

Can Newt beat Obama in the 2012 elections?
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Can Mitt Romney Win The Nomination?

Having won New Hampshire and Iowa, can Mitt Romney win the Republican nomination? What do you think?
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Will are country come together?

The problems facing our nations must be faced we can not afford to be playing the blame game and set a side are political grievances to move forward Now I don't expect this to happen but...
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Can Obama get re-elected?

With approval ratings dropping, strong Republican contenders (Mitt Romney), and a worsening national debt, is it possible for President Obama to get re elected?
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Should Anthony Weiner be forced out of congress?

Weiner had proven himself unfit to be in Congress! Anyone agree pr disagree?
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Can the USSR be truly called a socialist state?

now i don't have a source for this, but im pretty sure that the definition of a socialist state is more or less one where the working class controls the means of production. In the USSR the...
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Why is Patrick Kennedy not running again?

He is not running for re-election. He has struggled with substance abuse like his famous uncle Teddy. The question is... are there ANY of our elected crime family in washington who are NOT drug...
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If humans are a distinctly different species from other animals (and evolution took place), then wasn't there once a point where there were only two humans?

If you want the short and sweet answer and don't feel like hearing all the details then the answer is no. If you're intrigued then feel free correct my mistakes (if I make any), and...
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How About Sarah Palin's New Career ?

Do you think her new job at Fox is for real - or just a network attempt to boost her chances for the Presidency ?
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When was the Earth formed?

Well by some estimates by people who have no idea what they're talking about the Earth is only a few thousand years old. On the other hand all the evidence suggests that the Earth is in fact...