International Debates

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Is a unitary secular Palestine the only remaining solution?

Palestinian confidence in the PA continues to drop, as a result of its cooperation with Israel or more accurately the impression that it is powerless to stop Israeli land grabs and the impression...
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should we face our fears ?

i think we all should face our fears , i mean come on ! will we live in fear forever or what ?
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Should America end the Cuban Trade Embargo?

It's been a little more then 50 years since the embargo has been placed. And by lifting the embargo we can increase trade to Cuba and with increase in economic activity comes more money....
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Should the world be concerned with rising Greek Fascism?

The Golden Dawn is gaining popularity by the day, despite the increasing numbers of attacks carried out in the streets by its members against immigrants and leftists. Greek Revamchism has always...
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what will be the effect of americas growing isolationist movement on the world?

what i mean by isolationist, any one who has seen ron paul on tv can get what i am saying, that there is a isolationist movement in the united states that want to withdral from the world by...
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Should American forces be sent to Australia?

The administration of Obama thinks so they have said that it counter china and any actions it may take in south east Asia. But frankly I really don't see china taking any aggressive...
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Will we take responsibility?

This century has Ben full of conflict and I think the cause has Ben us not just the united states but the whole developed world to explain I'll use israel as an example prior to world war two...
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Should America expand free trade treaties?

Recently president obama has purposed a plan he hopes will stimulate the economy by creating free trade treaties with new nations one of them being Vietnam now I have nothing against the...
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What should American relations be to China?

We're all aware that china is a major holder in us debt and trade with china has become an even system china exporting more mainly from the corporations with outsource there and there is no...
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How long will this civilization last?

Throughout history even the strongest civilizations have eventually collapsed and been replaced by emerging new powers. do you think the same will happen to modern civilization? if so how long...
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Should America be considered a "defender of freedom"?

One of the most common statement i hear from heavily patriotic Americans is that "America spreads liberty to the world!" But is that really the case? On august 19th, 1953, the C.I.A....
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what does everyone think about the peace talks going on in cyprus?

i dont actually know whats going on could someone please tell me not biased to any side i already know there was a war and the country is split in 2 :D
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United States and North Korea- Are we going too easy?

The recent attacks from North Korea on their neighbor country South Korea, should we take a stance as the most powerful country in the world and solve this conflict? Or is it none of our business...
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Is Global Warming finally proven wrong?

I mean look at the Mid West and East Coast, record Winter storms and cold streaks during an El Nino year. Where has Al Gore gone? What about the Emails send by Global Warming officials? Is the...
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Should large companies like Wal Mart be forced to unionize?

I understand they give out many jobs and are able to keep prices low. However are the employees treated fairly? Should they be unionized?