Religion Debates

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Can atheists be thankful?

With turkey day coming up, I thought it'd be appropriate question to ask. I mean how can you be thankful when there is no one to thank. Sure you can thank people who've helped you out in...
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Why are Christian Republicans against Jesus' teachings?

I think it's, in a way, hypocritical to consider yourself a Christian and still have the 'every man for himself' mentality. And that is certainly not an attack, but rather just...
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Do political and religious issues go together?

It is my view that politics and religion have some things in common. Many people argue that religion has nothing to do with politics. Does issues on homosexual marriage, abortion, and the death...
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Rapture! Will it ever come?

Once again the second coming has been predicted, and once again the prediction has failed. It has now been 2000 years since Jesus of Nazareth died, how many more centuries will it take before...
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Is it morally right to worship the god of the bible?

The god of the bible is a pretty terrible person in my opinion. look at the time he had Moses massacre an entire tribe of Israelites for worshiping an idol. Look at how he had the israelites kill...
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Why do we use "Allah" instead of "God" when talking about Islam?

Allah is the Arabic word for God. It has the same meaning as "God". Why do we then reference Muslims as believing in Allah, they believe in the same Abrahamic God as Christians and Jews.
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An argument against an argument against The Big Bang Theory?

One argument I hear a lot from believers is that there must have been a first cause to start off the Big Bang, and since Scientists don't really have an explanation for that then you might as...