War Debates

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Why doesn't Obama call ISIS "Islamic Extremism"?

Obama refuses to call ISIS radical Islamist, why is this? It's quite apparent that these terrorist are openly saying their actions are for Islam... "Obama also cautioned against the...
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Will tensions in the South China sea spark a war?

With tensions flaring in the south China Sea, will the United States go to war with China over the disputed islands?
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Should the United States attack Syria?

I do believe that war is a completely necessary thing for governments and nations to engage in. It has been proven for centuries that it can yield positive outcomes for both the winner and loser...
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Should america nuke?

Not saying i WANT to blow everyone up but do you always get what we want? The last time one of our pres. Understood this was reagen. Did you know when we were in war we had US hostages there and...
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What should the United States do with North Korea and Iran?

What should the United Staes and allies do about the continuing issues with North Korea and Iran? Bomb their nuclear sites and laugh at them if they TRY and call war on the US? Or should we...
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Is Kony 2012 a Scam?

Is the video from Youtube, Kony 2012, a scam? Reports show they are not using the donation money for rightful purposes...
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the mighty US?

Stupid corrupted leaders overtime had destroyed this once mighty nation.They sent soldiers to their death .it is our job to avenge those deaths.what should we do do not tax ,act !!!!!!!
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Was showing dead body of Qaddafi appropriate?

I'm happy a evil man was killed, but was it right to show his dead body to the world? What do you think? I think it was deserved, he was an evil man and got exactly what was coming to...
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why bury him at sea?

why bury bin ladin at sea why not let the pepole see his body all the american goverment has done is fired up all of those conpercy theriost who are going to ask this quistion why ?
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Who deserves credit for killing Osama Bin Laden? Obama or Bush?

With Osama Bin Laden dead, which president deserves the credit? President Obama was the president and gave the order to Kill Osama Bin Laden, yet President Bush was the president who made it...
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Osama Bin Laden DEAD! Was killing him the best idea?

As you know by now, Bin Laden is dead, killed by American NAVY SEALS. I was curious as if you members on UnitedIssues.com thought it was a good idea to kill him? Would it have been better to...
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How should the United States handle threats?

When the United States receives threats from foreign nations or groups, how should the country leaders handle it? There are two options: 1. Should we negotiate with words only and...
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Scott Ritter-War Opponent: Can He Get Out of This One ?

Scott Ritter - who started out by criticizing Bill Clinton for being too "soft" on Saddam Hussein;and who later criticized Bush for being too tough-and who became a UN Weapons Inspector,...
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Is Political Correctness leading the US closer to collapse?

First off, I'm not a racist, but I do believe in the saying "Whatever it takes to get the job done". Which is why I support racially profiling Muslims. No, I don't hate...