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Should the United States attack Syria?

I do believe that war is a...
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Student Loans -What do you think?

The United States Federal...
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Who won the first presidential debate?

Now the debate is over, who...
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Why don't any of the folks in DC...

Conservatives and progressives...
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American Dream Stalled?

The American dream was always...
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Manely101's Avatar

Should america nuke?

Not saying i WANT to blow everyone up but do you always get what we want? The last time one of our pres. Understood this was reagen. Did you know when we were in war we had US hostages there and...
anonymous's Avatar

capitalism vs communism?

Pros and cons lets see who has better arguements
Manely101's Avatar

Obama presedent again?

I personally think we NEED romney, if Obama continues his ways we will turn out socalist! Thats not freedom? Hes taking away the pride of america. that health care law? We didnt want that. Whatndo...
Zebradick's Avatar

Is Pepsi or Coke better?

I would have to say Pepsi beats Coke any day of the week. I want to see how Coke fans defend their beloved soda franchise of evil.
Tim's Avatar

How do I keep a healthy *conversation* going if I have a different opinion?

This thread is not aimed at anyone in particular... ... All I'm going to say is think about this: If I have a valid point, but I'm rude, obnoxious, and slap you in the face...
ekoc's Avatar

Barack Obama Is a Liar?

Remember Obama's 7 goals he PROMISED with HOPE and CHANGE?! 7 things to be fixed immediately: 1. Cut the National Debt by Half in his First Term 2. Reduce unemployment below 8% 3....
Vultren's Avatar

Obama Worried!?

In a phone call to donors Obama said the following: "We see where we stand, and right now on a month-to-month basis, we've fallen behind," "I'll be the first sitting...
Alexanerdable's Avatar

Should Marijuana Be Legal?

There are very valid points on either side of this issue. Pro-Legalization: It would make the practice much safer, marijuana is less carcinogenic than tobacco/nicotine, it is less abusable...
Tim's Avatar

Should we put our egos aside?

I've only been on this site for about an hour, but I find it hard to go through and reply to threads because tempers are way too high. I assume the guys who started this site did it for...
Vultren's Avatar

Is the healthcare law a job killer?

It's known that if your business has 50 more people working for it, you MUST provide healthcare for each employee or pay a $750 fine. Is this a job killer? Or is it the "right thing to...
Vultren's Avatar

What should the United States do with North Korea and Iran?

What should the United Staes and allies do about the continuing issues with North Korea and Iran? Bomb their nuclear sites and laugh at them if they TRY and call war on the US? Or should we...
Gaelin's Avatar

Do JP Morgan's catastrophic losses finally end the argument against regulation?

CEO Jamie Dimon now admits that he was "dead wrong" to dismiss concerns over the bank's trading practices. A man who was once the most vocal opponent of financial regulation is now...
zes808's Avatar

Should America end the Cuban Trade Embargo?

It's been a little more then 50 years since the embargo has been placed. And by lifting the embargo we can increase trade to Cuba and with increase in economic activity comes more money....
Gaelin's Avatar

Should the US restore native lands?

A UN official has called for the restoration of several tribal lands, as detailed in the link below. Personally, I agree. I've been all over this country, ive been to Pine Ridge. I've...
Gaelin's Avatar

Should the world be concerned with rising Greek Fascism?

The Golden Dawn is gaining popularity by the day, despite the increasing numbers of attacks carried out in the streets by its members against immigrants and leftists. Greek Revamchism has always...
Gaelin's Avatar

Should Prostitutuion be legal?

I know there are debates on this subject already but they've all been framed as a women's rights issue. Considering that there are men selling dick to both women and other men, and...
ispep's Avatar

Should the US Government control the Oil Companies?

I'm tired of paying so much for gas. Should we let the US Government control the oil industry so we can get cheap gas? I see this as a threat to national security and our entire economy if...
JCHARRON2's Avatar

Key Point On Abortion?

Most women get a abortion because they're too young to have a child, but if this were the case why would they be having sex? If you find out you're pregnant, shouldn't you take...
Gaelin's Avatar

Was The Cold War handled properly?

Was the Soviet Union really the "red scare" the propaganda press made it out to be? Was installing dictators in nations around the world, an thus betraying our democratic principles for...
anjinks's Avatar

taxing the rich and redistribution of wealth?

This is the fundamental problem with the world. They don't understand what money is. Money is a reflection of the economy not the economy itself. The more you tax and the more you...