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Why Does America Only Have 2...

It is imperative for one to be...
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Are trade deficits detrrimental to...

Yes![excerpted from...
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Should the United States attack Syria?

I do believe that war is a...
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Student Loans -What do you think?

The United States Federal...
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Who won the first presidential debate?

Now the debate is over, who...
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Gaelin's Avatar

Was The Cold War handled properly?

Was the Soviet Union really the "red scare" the propaganda press made it out to be? Was installing dictators in nations around the world, an thus betraying our democratic principles for...
anjinks's Avatar

taxing the rich and redistribution of wealth?

This is the fundamental problem with the world. They don't understand what money is. Money is a reflection of the economy not the economy itself. The more you tax and the more you...
Vultren's Avatar

Would you have wanted to be aborted?

Here is a great question to all of those who support the women's choice in abortion. Would you personally be ok with being aborted if your mom wanted to do it?
Vultren's Avatar

Romney Vs. Obama?

It appears the candidates are set... I am interested in hearing why you support your candidate. I support Romney. Why? He is flawless. He stands for restoring what is great in this country, and...
ekoc's Avatar

Women's Rights?

This might sound bad an offensive, but it seems women now a days are always claiming they don't have rights. That they should be allowed to have an abortion, yet they don't fight for the...
ispep's Avatar

Trayvon Martin - The next OJ Simpson Case?

Is the new Trayvon Martin case the new OJ Simpson case? Will race wars spur? What really happened in between the 911 calls between Martin and Zimmerman?
Vultren's Avatar

Hilary Rosen's Comment on Anne Romney?

On CNN Hilary Rosen made some, well...not so smart comments about Anne Romeny. Do you think her comments were appropriate? Update: She has apologized, must have been weak and didn't...
Merkljen's Avatar

Should things that go against religious beliefs be taught in schools?

Things that go against some religious beliefs like the big bang theory and the evolution theory should not be taught in schools. I go to a public school where they make us learn the evolution...
Merkljen's Avatar

Do political and religious issues go together?

It is my view that politics and religion have some things in common. Many people argue that religion has nothing to do with politics. Does issues on homosexual marriage, abortion, and the death...
Vultren's Avatar

Is Kony 2012 a Scam?

Is the video from Youtube, Kony 2012, a scam? Reports show they are not using the donation money for rightful purposes...
ekoc's Avatar

Is Obama able to win the Independent Vote?

It seems all of his empty promises are of issue now... with the independents. What do you think about the independent vote? I'm especially interested in hearing from non biased voters out...
ispep's Avatar

Can Newt Gingrich Beat Obama?

Can Newt beat Obama in the 2012 elections?
Vultren's Avatar

Can Mitt Romney Win The Nomination?

Having won New Hampshire and Iowa, can Mitt Romney win the Republican nomination? What do you think?
Teddyroosevelt's Avatar

Will are country come together?

The problems facing our nations must be faced we can not afford to be playing the blame game and set a side are political grievances to move forward Now I don't expect this to happen but...
Teddyroosevelt's Avatar

what will be the effect of americas growing isolationist movement on the world?

what i mean by isolationist, any one who has seen ron paul on tv can get what i am saying, that there is a isolationist movement in the united states that want to withdral from the world by...
's Avatar

Abortion Rights vs. Prostitution Rights?

I saw a user on this site post something about abortion rights for a female being compared to prostitution laws- they made a great point... allow me to explain. Organizations such as NOW...
Vultren's Avatar

The Occupy Movement has lost support- it's still just a bunch of bums without jobs?

Let's be honest, these movements are just for bums without jobs. Take a look at their pictures, they're all dirty and have nothing going for them. Newt was right, they need to take a...
ekoc's Avatar

Occupy Wall Street is a joke?

Let's be honest here people- The "Occupy" movement is a complete joke. Why must they keep wasting their time and protest something that isn't going to change?
Teddyroosevelt's Avatar

Should American forces be sent to Australia?

The administration of Obama thinks so they have said that it counter china and any actions it may take in south east Asia. But frankly I really don't see china taking any aggressive...
jcs's Avatar

your body ?

abortion is to be banned.I know people say its my body. No it is not! it is the babies if you want to kill somthing kill yourself. not lifes greatest miracle