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Why Does America Only Have 2...

It is imperative for one to be...
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Are trade deficits detrrimental to...

Yes![excerpted from...
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Should the United States attack Syria?

I do believe that war is a...
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Student Loans -What do you think?

The United States Federal...
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Who won the first presidential debate?

Now the debate is over, who...
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jcs's Avatar

the mighty US?

Stupid corrupted leaders overtime had destroyed this once mighty nation.They sent soldiers to their death .it is our job to avenge those deaths.what should we do do not tax ,act !!!!!!!
Teddyroosevelt's Avatar

Will we take responsibility?

This century has Ben full of conflict and I think the cause has Ben us not just the united states but the whole developed world to explain I'll use israel as an example prior to world war two...
Vultren's Avatar

Was showing dead body of Qaddafi appropriate?

I'm happy a evil man was killed, but was it right to show his dead body to the world? What do you think? I think it was deserved, he was an evil man and got exactly what was coming to...
ekoc's Avatar

Rick Perry's Immigration Policy - Lost the Republican Base?

He had such a huge lead in the beginning, then he opened his mouth and completely lost his base with the Republicans. In my opinion... it was because of his HORRID immigration policy. Rick...
ispep's Avatar

Occupy Wall Street- The bums who don't have jobs?

I look at these morons who seriously have nothing else better to do with their time. They are there, not working, not bettering themselves, and complaining because they don't like...
Vultren's Avatar

Occupy Wall Street? What is it even about?

I've done tons and tons of research, and quite frankly, what is Occupy Wall Street even about? There are people there protesting corporations, immigration, healthcare, abortions, war.......
Teddyroosevelt's Avatar

Should America expand free trade treaties?

Recently president obama has purposed a plan he hopes will stimulate the economy by creating free trade treaties with new nations one of them being Vietnam now I have nothing against the...
Teddyroosevelt's Avatar

What should American relations be to China?

We're all aware that china is a major holder in us debt and trade with china has become an even system china exporting more mainly from the corporations with outsource there and there is no...
Vultren's Avatar

Obama claimed to cut deficit in half. What happened?

The link in the sources shows Obama clearly claiming he will cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term... but what happened? His term is well over half way done, yet he added 5...
ispep's Avatar

Thank you Democrats for destroying the economy?

I think it is fair to say that the liberal, left winged, democratic view points have destroyed out economy. Our failed bailouts that were so needed didn't help the mess you created. Thanks...
FreeRoamer's Avatar

Who can justify the War on Drugs?

How can anyone justify the War on Drugs? For one, the War on Drugs is the EXACT SAME concept as alcohol Prohibition, except different drugs being banned. All arguments used in favor of or...
biofusion's Avatar

Is the government justifiable?

If government can be defined as a monopoly of force in a specific given region (which it is) - how is it morally justifiable? Does government have the right to engage in "legal plunder"?...
ekoc's Avatar

Do we raise the debt limit?

It's a highly debated topic on Capitol Hill right now, do we raise the debt limit or allow the United States to default?
ispep's Avatar

Casey Anthony not guilty?

This is another OJ Simpson if you ask me, not guilty!? I understand the rules of evidence and how court works, but how wrong of our criminal justice system to allow a murder to walk the...
Vultren's Avatar

Is Health Care Constitutional?

In recent news, a Federal Appeals court has said that Health Care is unconstitutional as no where in the constitution does it say you MUST buy anything from the government. I have to agree with...
ekoc's Avatar

Tax the rich!!?

Let's do it, tax them!! They can afford it easily!! Think about it, the rich have so much money, they can easily give up a little of what they have to help out the country. It's not...
ispep's Avatar

Can Obama get re-elected?

With approval ratings dropping, strong Republican contenders (Mitt Romney), and a worsening national debt, is it possible for President Obama to get re elected?
carnevaleb's Avatar

Should Anthony Weiner be forced out of congress?

Weiner had proven himself unfit to be in Congress! Anyone agree pr disagree?
Gaelin's Avatar

Can anyone provide legitimate evidence of negative consequences of marijuan use?

Over the years many wild claims have been made about marijuana, for example it has been claimed that it's use causes uncontrollable rage "reefer madness" and it has also been...
Gaelin's Avatar

How long will this civilization last?

Throughout history even the strongest civilizations have eventually collapsed and been replaced by emerging new powers. do you think the same will happen to modern civilization? if so how long...