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  • Started on 22/6/11
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ispep's Avatar

"Can Obama get re-elected?"

Original Opinion by ispep (49)

With approval ratings dropping, strong Republican contenders (Mitt Romney), and a worsening national debt, is it possible for President Obama to get re elected?


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"No" by Vultren (259)

No, President Obama does not have a chance at getting re elected. Check my source, only 30% of the nation would vote for him. They believe that "he isn't giving the promises he gave".

Going to be a great victory for the GOP! Finally going to put this country on the right tack.

Gaelin's Avatar

"Yes." by Gaelin (212)

Mitt Romney is far from a strong contender, no other republicans appear to be either. The republican party is starting to see conflict between the tea party and the militarists. Plus the rising debt is largely a result of continuing the bush tax cuts at a time when we absolutely shouldn't have.

FreeRoamer's Avatar

"Don't think so..." by FreeRoamer (76)

Unfortunately, people don't have much of a choice because political parties have limited us to two options. I don't think many people favor Obama, as his approval ratings are lower than ever and people are unhappy with his continuation of the Middle East wars and entrace into Libya. On the other hand, many people are dissatisfied with the Republican Party as well as they run up the debt just as much as the Democrats, just in different ways (although this time both will increase the deficit through pointless wars.)

However, even though people are still dissatisfied with the Republican Party, I think they will elect whom they see as the "lesser evil" of sorts, and vote Obama out of office in 2012. Then, after the Republican candidate leads to another 4-year Presidential disaster, they will vote Democrat next election, and this cycle will continue on and on, with the electorate never realizing that the Democrats and Republicans are NOT going to help them at all.

I wish people would see past the two main parties and start voting for third-parties and independents (or at least maybe the Libertarian wing of the GOP, which is microscopic at best), but I am sober enough to know that this is not going to happen for a VERY, very long time...

Afran5000's Avatar

"Hmmmm?" by Afran5000 (7)

He has to. Bachmann isnt going to win, she's a WOMAN and too conservative. Obama needs more time and the house of Representatives to help him. he basically has only had 2 years in office.

Jwerk's Avatar

"Yes." by Jwerk (8)

I have personally been quite satisfied with his presidency. I know much of the nation feels differently, but I think that there are enough people who agree with me and enough people who won't vote for any of the republican clowns to get Obama re-elected. Obama's biggest advantage in the 2012 election is that the only centrist republican candidates are not going to make it past the primary, and that whoever wins the republican primary is going to be so right wing that he or she will alienate a lot of swing voters.

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"why" by jcs (15)

does the owl hoot in the morning?

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"Only by fraud" by anjwicks (6)

NOBODY can rightly say Obama has done a good job. He won't stand a chance by running on his record. His only chance is to deflect attention on his bad stewardship and attack the Republican nominee.

If the American majority, who want to keep what they earn, can overcome the minority (people who want to take other people's stuff and the idiotic media media who worships Obama - because he's a black liberal), it will be an easy win for the Republicans.

Barack Hussein Obama has been the worst president in American history - period! The main thing you CAN say Mr. Obama has done well is grow the government and deplete the middle class. So yeah, he's absolutely done. It really doesn't matter who runs against him.

's Avatar

"Alas, ignorance is bliss! " by ()

Unfortunately it appears Obama can't lose! The majority of American people were just plain stupid in 2008, and it looks like a repeat performance is on the horizon! Why would I make such an absolute prediction? First of all I work with and and around many wealthy and influential people and I am shocked at how many voted for Obama in 2008 and are considering voting for him again!! That is shocking tome and when we get in to the inevitible debate these "intelligent" people immediately pull the "Bush Card" and blame just about everything on him! And that is their only argument! Also, over 50% of the 1%- ers voted for Obama in 2008 and data shows that many of them will repeat that mistake in 2012 even though Obama professes his hatred for them at least in public!! this does not copmute for me but maybe I am the dummy and they know something I don't! then there is the other side of the coin where nearly 50% of the U.S. population is exempt from paying federal income tax and/or are on some kind of government assistance. Why would that large contingent vote other than for Obama, "The Welfare President"? It beats working! And minorities by and large will continue to vote on racial lines rather than on the issues. The female vote is also going to go his way by a landslide AGAIN! During a recent luncheon, I overheard a table full of women stating how they and all of their friends love "sexy Barry" and some are even working on his campaign for 2012!! I had a hard time holding down my meal! Wake up ladies if you love your kids! This guy will leave them nothing but a legacy of suffocating debt for generations to come! Yet another facet of this impending debacle is that the Republicans have not been able to field a strong opponent for Obama. The media has successfully destroyed some decent candidates and Romney just does not seem to resonate with voters. I was sure the multiple gaffs Obama and his posse have pulled over the past 3.5 years would be his undoing, but the liberal media lap dogs have done their job of protecting him by keeping his antics below the radar screen and out of public view. And for all of the above reasons (and many others), the ignorance of the American people will carry the day for Obama! Again, although I pray he doesn't, Obama will be re-elected and when he does, GOD HELP AMERICA!! NOT "GOD DAMN AMERICA", "REVERAND WRONG"!!

adriordan's Avatar

"He should" by adriordan (8)

In times of uncertainty the incumbent has a great advantage. I put Obama at 95% chance of being reelected based on economic policy alone. The fact remains that under modern economic theory spending money during a recession is the only way to emerge from the recession. I struggle with the social policies of Obama, but he spent domestic money and would have spent more if the Republicans had let him. As an educated American I agree with the continued domestic economic policy. So even though I am a social conservative I probably will vote for Obama because i do not want my children inheriting a terrible economic situation. America can afford more debt. It cannot afford a stalled economy.

votered's Avatar

"y would anyone vote for obama??" by votered (6)

I just dont get it. He says in 2008 ill make a change from bush. Now that what he hides behind. This all bush s fault. Com' on give me a break!


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