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WIz766's Avatar

"Cryptobiotic Crust?"

Original Opinion by WIz766 (11)

I was recently on a road trip around Colorado and Utah.

There were signs and people telling us not to walk on the dirt because it would kill all the vegetation that has accumulated over the years in the dirt. They call this the Cryptobiotic crust. This dirt looks just like any other dirt in the world.

The DNR has also shut down Reiter OHV park in Gold Bar Washington due to there "science" that says our OHV's are destroying all the living organisms in the dirt(Cryptobiotic crust). With the Reiter situation the small town people are complaining because they are losing gas and food sales from people getting those supplies before having a fun day in the mud or woods.
Is it worth shutting down a heavily used area for(been used 40+ year regularly) things in the dirt that we cannot see?

So I guess what I am getting at is why do they target spots that are used on a regular basis? Is there really enough living organism in this so called Cryptobiotic crust to shut down or prohibit people from visiting? I would love others thoughts and opinions on this.


Vultren's Avatar

"Trust the professionals..." by Vultren (259)

I see it this way, they probably know better than we do, there are plenty of places to walk on this planet, just do it somewhere else. They know the sciences and facts behind it, if they are experts in this area, let them continue doing their job.

aexyl93's Avatar

"Plants don't have human rights." by aexyl93 (8)

Shutting places down to prevent the death of unimportant living organisms, plants, micro-organisms, and other such virtually unintelligent life is ridiculous. They might as well be banning paper because it kills trees and banning vegetables and fruit because we harvest them. Harming the welfare humans to protect (technically) living organisms that are (probably) unimportant to the environment and well-being of any of the least bit of intelligent organisms is stupid. Unless they can actually prove that living organisms are intelligent enough to have rights or important enough to the environment, shutting down such a place is ridiculous.
If we're going by their logic then killing germs should be illegal, and if that's the case then living should be illegal because we passively kill any germs that enter our body meaning everyone's a killer and should be given death so as to prevent the loss of innocent "life". A bit extreme but, since they're using science and science loves logic, that's the next logical step! Unless they believe humans are more important than germs and other such organisms? If so then they shouldn't have shut it down at all. Sounds like they're misusing science for unrealistic ideals.
If they can prove that harming the cryptobiotic crust has ill-effects on the environment (unlikely) then they should be allowed to shut it down. Otherwise that's ridiculous.

Teddyroosevelt's Avatar

"hippies " by Teddyroosevelt (45)

if you kill something by walking on the ground it doesnt have a right to live it is use less epecialy when you consider you cant kill bacteria by walking if that was true new york cities side walk should be clean enough to eat off but ive never seen the land your talking about is it unfertile or something like that cause thats the only thing i can think of

and even if they were important for reasearch or something like that couldnt you just scoop up a cup of dirt and have millions of them you can just put some where else


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