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Vultren's Avatar

"Hilary Rosen's Comment on Anne Romney?"

Original Opinion by Vultren (259)

On CNN Hilary Rosen made some, well...not so smart comments about Anne Romeny. Do you think her comments were appropriate?

Update: She has apologized, must have been weak and didn't believe her word. Ah liberals.


Alexanerdable's Avatar

"Weak?" by Alexanerdable (47)

There you go discriminating against liberals again. Many people sometimes slip out a discriminatory comment against conservatives or against liberals, but you seem to take pleasure in generalizing groups of people in every single post and comment you make.

Apologizing is not a sign of weakness; it's a sign of strength! Politics said aside, it is those who never live up to their mistakes that are true weaklings in this world because they are too afraid to say that they were wrong.

Hilary Rosen was out of line. But I deeply admire a person who is brave enough to correct themselves. You, my fine sir, are not a great judge of good character.

Vultren's Avatar

"Weakness?" by Vultren (259)

How in anyway is weakness strength? You're silly for thinking that.

She was weak, gave up, and it shows.


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