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  • Started on 12/1/11
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ekoc's Avatar

"How should the United States handle threats?"

Original Opinion by ekoc (37)

When the United States receives threats from foreign nations or groups, how should the country leaders handle it?

There are two options:

1. Should we negotiate with words only and accommodate to meet the threats needs to keep the country safe?

2. Use force, use our powerful military to keep our country safe?


Gaelin's Avatar

"what threats?" by Gaelin (212)

the only nations with the power to hurt us are threatening our troops over seas. solution: remove troops from over seas. also when Nicaragua was suffering from US sponsered terrorists, they tried to use diplomatic means to stop the attacks. this failed because America just vetoed every resolution the UN passed condeming American actions, but no one would veto us. when it comes down to it only china or Russia would have even a slight chance at winning a war against us IN AMERICA, and if they tried would be condemned internationally immediately. America has no real threats. By responding millitarily, for instance against muslims, all we have managed to do is piss off more Muslims.

Vultren's Avatar

"Attacking Terrorist?" by Vultren (259)

It's impossible to negotiate with terrorists, they simply won't listen. So the choice is either negotiate and get nothing, risking national security, or fight back and show them we won't back down.

Gaelin's Avatar

"attacking terrorists has only created more terrorists." by Gaelin (212)

Terrorist aren't pissed cause they despise America for no reason. they're pissed because they see us as an imperialistic power. by fighting terrorists overseas all we do is back up that claim


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