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  • Started on 11/3/12
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Vultren's Avatar

"Is Kony 2012 a Scam?"

Original Opinion by Vultren (259)

Is the video from Youtube, Kony 2012, a scam? Reports show they are not using the donation money for rightful purposes...


opajela's Avatar

"Yes and No" by opajela (13)

Kony 2012 isn't a scam, but they aren't exactly honest either.

Simply put, Kony 2012 is just another business. Only a certain amount of money goes toward what they want the people to believe all the money goes to, the rest goes to pay whoever works for that business.

Gaelin's Avatar

"Kony is in the DRC" by Gaelin (212)

Yet kony 2012 never mentions this. Cause they are full of shit. Send your money to Medicine Sans Frontiers or the Peace Corp instead!~

Vultren's Avatar

"Peace Corps? Come on...." by Vultren (259)

Seriously? The Peace Corps will do what? Ask him to stop? Of couse he won't, so then what? Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

The money should have gone to buy more guns/bounty hunters or to ink so citizens (where almost 99% of the 'Kony' demographic can do nothing about this) can write to their government and demand action with the military.

Nothing else will win this case against Kony. Invisible Children know this, Obama knows this, the UN knows this. Saying the Peace Corps... come on.

Vincentm83's Avatar

"Not a scam, but very misleading" by Vincentm83 (8)

Vultren, I think the suggestion to donate to Peace Corps has nothing to do with Kony. I think he was just suggesting your money is better donated elsewhere, Medicine Sans Frontier being a great example. This will directly benefit many people.

That being said, the whole Kony thing is very misleading and even people from Uganda have spoken out against it. The thing that bothers me the most is how blindly many people accepted the information at face value without researching it.

If people really want to help Uganda, there are many starving children there. There's also a lot of child prostitution, aids/hiv and other diseases that run rampant. There are far greater issues all over Africa infact.

Vultren's Avatar

"Misunderstanding...." by Vultren (259)

Since we were talking about Invisible Children and not what other organizations we should send money to, I made a simple mistake based of his post. Regardless, the Peace Corps. would be a complete waste, if not more than sending to Invisible Children :p

Vincentm83's Avatar

"Fair enough" by Vincentm83 (8)

Peace Corps certainly not a point of contention for me. I just hope people do some research before deciding to trust something, just because it has some emotional appeal.

Gaelin's Avatar

"If people want to help Uganda" by Gaelin (212)

They should be talking about Nodding disease.

Vultren's Avatar

"Agreed." by Vultren (259)

We finally agree on something!

zes808's Avatar

"Spending money on it is a waste." by zes808 (12)

Most of the money donated goes to making videos like the famous Kony 2012 video you all saw. But this doesn't mean the message they are trying to spread is pointless, although the LRA and Kony has not been as active as much as they were before, they are still a threat to Uganda and other African countries. Even if he was to stop, that doesn't mean we should stop looking for him. We must unite the international community to bring this horrible man to justice and show the world that acts of terror are unacceptable.


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