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"Key Point On Abortion?"

Original Opinion by JCHARRON2 (8)

Most women get a abortion because they're too young to have a child, but if this were the case why would they be having sex? If you find out you're pregnant, shouldn't you take responsiblity from your actions, and take care of the child?

The child never once asked to be born, and from having sex "We" are taking the risk and allowing fate to take control. If you get pregnant, I think you should keep the kid and either take care or give it up for adoption because in all honesty, abortion is a cheap shot at society. Using the excuse, "I'm to young to take care of a child", well true, but have you thought about adoption?

The child you are killing, could potentially come up with a cure for cancer, or a artificial kidney, which may seem a bit over exadurated.. But realistically, 10,000+ abortions happen in the united states each year, which increases the chances of a miracle baby being killed from a abortion.

State your arguement below.


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"Simple Talking Points On Aboriton" by Vultren (259)

1. It's murder
2. It's not the women's choice to decide the fate of another human who has rights
3. It's not birth control
4. The traumatic experience of an abortion is horrible for the women

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"Oh yeah, kids shouldnt be having sex, that means they wont! Oh wait this is the real world.." by Gaelin (212)

You can't expect abstinence to be effective, you cant expect everyone in a country to conform to your moral view, and you can't say what you'd do in a situation you've never been in.

Vultren's Avatar

"Yes I can" by Vultren (259)

I can say I would. Don't go telling me I wouldn't.

Other than that, everything else you said is actually correct.

Gaelin's Avatar

"Not saying you can't be... " by Gaelin (212)

I'm saying you can't expect 30 million different kids with 30 million different problems to abstain. That's unrealistic.

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"I agree and disagree" by xavilonia (6)

I agree with the part that the girls shouldn't abort and should keep the baby, but I don't agree with the part of prohibiting them from having sex. Because it would be like doing drugs, everyone says "Don't" but that gives us more will to try it. We all want the forbbiden fruit.
But the girls should keep the baby, because if they abort they may regret it after, and sometimes if they choose to have the babies and give them to adoption they might keep them in end.

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"My Views on Abortion" by Sam (7)

I would support embryonic abortion only, not aborting a fetus. Embryos are developing cells that would later become a fetus in 8 weeks. They have no life because it didn't develop organs or a heartbeat. So it's not even alive, you can't kill anything that has no life. The soul doesn't enter the body until the second trimester until then can abortion be ok. The fetus on the other hand is alive and has organs and a heartbeat. Aborting a fetus is murder but aborting an embyo is not.

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"Definitely not birth control" by Tim (21)

I am entirely *against* the idea of abortion as a form of contraception, but that doesn't mean that it has no worth in society for certain people/purposes.

Conservatives are against the idea of abortion, but let's imagine if a family has 4/5 kids, and an extra 1 comes along unexpectedly.

What does this mean for the 4/5 other kids, if the family is of a low/middle income?

It means that either 1) they're going to start depending on the government, or 2) kids will be put into care at the cost of the government.

Before 8 weeks, as Sam said, I don't think there's anything wrong with it. After 8 weeks, it's entirely a moral decision made by the mother and father.

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" ??????" by WHY (7)

A touchy subject no matter on what side of the fence you stand. In some cases I feel that an abortion should be an option ie. rape,incess or if carring a baby to term poses a risk to the mother. With that being said it is a decision you must live with either way. Xavilonia your comment is going way over into a relm of (maybe) I might regret not going to work or stabbing myself with a knife. Again there is no right or wrong here it's a matter of personal choice and the whole sin or not sin idea. I belive that God is just and therefore views sin equaly that being said as a culture we are not just and go to great links to tell each other what is ok to do and what is not.... Bottom line we all have to live with the choices we make some work out in our favor others haunt us until death...


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