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Vultren's Avatar

"Romney Vs. Obama?"

Original Opinion by Vultren (259)

It appears the candidates are set... I am interested in hearing why you support your candidate.

I support Romney. Why? He is flawless. He stands for restoring what is great in this country, and changing it. His economic plan will actually work. He has a solid record and will be able to put this country on the right track again, and not only that, but he's obviously going to win. The media won't be able to elect Obama again, he actually has a record now and won't be able to stand by his failed policies.

I'm usually more excited for the election, but this one will be far too easy for Romney to win.

Obama is a one term president. Comical.


opajela's Avatar

"Fallacies everywhere" by opajela (13)

First off, do you know the future? How do you know his economic plan will actually work, or that he is obviously going to win, or the media won't be able to elect Obama again? You don't.

Second, your description of Romney is extremely similar to how Obama's supporters described him (Obama) 4 years ago, and still how many view him today.

It's going to be a very close race, not an easy win as you say. I don't support either candidate but if Romney does win, just know that things hardly ever go the way you plan them to. Expect the same mistakes from Romney that most every other president has made.

Gaelin's Avatar

"Obama will win. " by Gaelin (212)

The affordable care act has led to millions of previously SCREWED young people (including myself) to benefit from their parents' policies. Obama has withdrawn from Iraq and is on schedule for withdrawing from Afghanistan. The guy spends too much money, we are agreed, but hes investing it in the future instead of the Militaristic glories that we must recognize, if we ever wish to be peaceful and stable, are a thing of the past.

Vultren's Avatar

"Sources" by Vultren (259)

opajela- I base this off the Rasmussen polls and general consensus of the American people. It's fact based. His economic plan uses the same logic as a user here on UnitedIssues uses. Source bellow #2.

Gaelin- Obamacare was not in the favor of the American people. It's approval ratings are far worse than those who favor the bill. Not only that, but it's about to be ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Come on Obama...

Spending money on the future? As in to countries such as Solyndra?

"Obama and Vice President Joe Biden got a nice photo op. They got to make speeches about being "green." But then Solyndra went bankrupt. Americans lost jobs. Taxpayers got stuck with the bill. And members of Congress are now in high dudgeon and making speeches"

Being the top military in the world should always be our number one goal. Imagine if we used your same thought process during the Cold War. We're not land and power hunger mongols like other countries.... our military keeps us safe, keeps you speaking English, and keeps you free.

Gaelin's Avatar

"Imagine if we'd used this process during the cold war, OK!" by Gaelin (212)

We wouldn't have ordered the CIA to overthrow the democratic leaders of Guatemala, Iran, Nicaragua, Hondouras, El Salvador, Panama... We wouldn't have supported brutal dictatorships like Noreiga, the Samosas, Batista, The Shah. We would lack our imperialistic control over the world, but the world would be safer, freer, and healthier economically with the prescense of a strong soviet block, which for the last time wasnt trying to take over the world (like we were) it was trying to create buffer states. Because the soviets lost more people, soldiers and civilians, in WWII than we had SERVE. In that war or Vietnam or Korea. Speaking of Vietnam, the authoritarian catholic regime of Diem, the one we supported. Which oppressed buddhists and leftists. As opposed to the (competitively) democratic north under their "founding father" Ho Chi Min, who was an admirer of the USA and with whom conflict would have never arose if the agreed plebiscite had been allowed to take place and Vietnam had reunited peacefully. Tony our cold war thinking is what put us into debt more than ANYTHING else. Look up how much debt was added by your prescious Reagan. We need to have this conversation in person sometime man, there are alot of things you need to know that apparently you've been denying for the sake of blind loyalty to a country that cares mostly for it's own pretensions of exceptionalism.

Vultren's Avatar

"Obama points?" by Vultren (259)

You didn't mention my points on Obama. I shall here forward assume you have conceded in that debate and continue on...

I'm not sure how to comment on your conspiracy theories (don't tell me they're facts because those ARE THEORIES, I have studied what you are talking about.) Your comment on USA trying to take over the world in comparison to USSR is quite possibly the craziest conspiracy theory I've heard from you. I assume you also believe 9/11 was an inside job? This website was created for debate based on facts, not whack job conspiracy theories.

Let me just ask, if we really were trying to take over the world (and not stop Communism as we did) why didn't we? We easily could of... your logic is invalid.

You mention Reagan and how he collected debt.... you also failed to mention how he created the greatest military power the world has ever seen. We are still living and thriving off his legacy. War or strategy would have put the US into debt. Either way it was the only way to win. Our Cold War thinking made us strong, made us untouchable. I love it. How could you not?

Vincentm83's Avatar

"I don't like either" by Vincentm83 (8)

They both represent a bit of the same old Washington. The problem isn't the candidates as much as it is the system. A lot of people thought Bush would be a great President, look where that got us.

You remind me exactly of the people who supported Obama during his first election. No one person can be this countries savior. As long as politics are completely watered down with money and a controlled media, this country is doomed.

Gaelin's Avatar

"Tony im done." by Gaelin (212)

"Imperialistic control" means that America is the dominant world power, dominates the world economy, dominates world organizational bodies. These are facts. I like how you conveniently ignored everything i said except those two words and then went on a rant based off of your own misunderstanding of them. I'm going to accept that rant as a concession of defeat. Thank you!

Vultren's Avatar

"You think I don't know what that means?" by Vultren (259)

You think I don't know what Imperialistic Control is? Come on, don't throw that baloney at me.

My "rant" was actually a complete debunk of your crazy conspiracy theories in which you threw out of no where because your original response to Obama v Romney was a mix of pathetic, overused talking points. If anything, your attempt to change topics on one you could not win is a white flag. You ultimately defeated yourself leaving me victorious!

Gaelin's Avatar

"Do you know why Im not arguing about Obama v Romney? " by Gaelin (212)

Because Obama is almost definitely going to win, and when that happens thatll be all the argument I need.

Vultren's Avatar

"And if he doesn't?" by Vultren (259)

What happens when your bold claims become false? Once he loses the Arizona Immigration battle and Health Care battle in the Supreme Court, he's done.

Gaelin's Avatar

"It's been a while.." by Gaelin (212)

Immigration appears to still be highly controversial, Health care reform is still part of the law and the focal issue seems to be shifting to gay marriage. By becoming the first pro-gay-civil-rights president in history, and Romneys decision (undoubtably influenced by his faith) to cling to outdated, bigoted views on both homosexuality and marriage, along with the recent JP Morgan losses.. Obama has it in the bag.

Vultren's Avatar

"Oh Really?" by Vultren (259)

I beg to differ and prove you wrong Gaelin.... please see source.

Coming out and being open to homosexuality has HURT Obama. He didn't want to do that... come on even you know that. His genius VP went behind his back and MADE him. That's why it's taken him the entire 5 years he's been in the spot light to finally come out about it.

Tim's Avatar

"Balanced? " by Tim (21)

I'm not really sure why Vultren started this post if he wasn't willing to listen to other people's responses and pose anything other than a theoretical argument.

Dude, I'm glad you have an opinion, but listening is a big part of forming an intellectual opinion.

I'm a democrat because the ideals that come alongside it are ones I agree with, but that doesn't mean that at times Republicans aren't fair and right.

The best way to look at an election is to stand by what you believe in, but listen to the other side and make sure you're aligning your beliefs with your vote.

I'm pro-Obama. He's a lot less liberal than a lot of people would've liked, but he's doing his best in a pretty challenging situation.

I don't like that the media only cover what they view as the most relevant topics though, so I'll do my best to make sure if I was to vote for Obama, I'd be doing my own opinions justice.

Don't believe all that you read. Look at what the GOP tweet about, but take a look at what the Democrats tweet about. You stated in a post a few days ago that Obamacare was to be ruled unconstitutional. You were wrong, but you were saying it as fact.

That's why I think you should look further into the opposition with an open mind.


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