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Teddyroosevelt's Avatar

"Should American forces be sent to Australia?"

Original Opinion by Teddyroosevelt (45)

The administration of Obama thinks so they have said that it counter china and any actions it may take in south east Asia.
But frankly I really don't see china taking any aggressive actions in the future even to secure it energy demand which has Ben cited as a future spark
1 the regions china could attack for recourses are south east Asia considering how the Vietnam war whent that seems unlikely that china could win quickly enough to secure the position from the likely intervention force
2 china could attack Siberia with it vast mineral wealth but that would mean china going through the deserts of Mongolia and then the Siberian tundra only to have to fight the Russians
3 china has no navy and considering it takes decades for nations to build and train navies it unlikely china will be invading the pacific

So to sum up china is unlikely to be aggressive and the American deployment is from the Chinese stand point unprovoked


Vultren's Avatar

"Confused?" by Vultren (259)

Not sure what Australia has to do with this, however I do believe the United States should be tough with China.

Teddyroosevelt's Avatar

"Australia" by Teddyroosevelt (45)

Why Australia because it are main ally in the south pacific and since ww2 they've Ben kinda scared of the idea of yellow peril an Asian nation like Japan / china dominating them
And yes I know the whole yellow thing is racist


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