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Gaelin's Avatar

"Should Prostitutuion be legal?"

Original Opinion by Gaelin (212)

I know there are debates on this subject already but they've all been framed as a women's rights issue. Considering that there are men selling dick to both women and other men, and considering that the issue is based upon what consenting adults do privately in their bedrooms, i think framing it as a Civil Liberties debate is more accurate. There are no nations in the world that do not have prostitution, even some middle-eastern nations where it is punishable by death. There has never been a time when prostitution has not existed. There WAS, however, once a time when several bishops in the Catholic Church directly owned brothels. Most of the problems caused by prostitution (violence, disease, exploitation) would be reduced by the legalization and regulation of the sex trade. There are many nations that have taken this step, along with the state of Nevada, and the entire country should join them for the good of society and most importantly the good of stigmatized and brutalized sex workers.

On a side note theirs a bit i found interesting in the second link about the pope who first stated that abortion at any age is homicide, in 1586. Before that church doctrine was that fetuses weren't people until "quickening" or about 20 weeks into pregnancy.


NimbuloTC's Avatar

"I agree" by NimbuloTC (7)

Ya, I think prostitution should be legal. If the two parties agree, then ya, there should be nothing wrong with the transaction. People have demands, just because government prohibits prostitution, does not mean the demands certain people have will go away. Only the payoffs between trying to or not trying to satisfy demand will change. Black markets arise when the demand is high enough. And like you said Gaelin, a lot of the problems of prostitution would probably be better off if legalized.

Vultren's Avatar

"Prostitution should be legal." by Vultren (259)

I agree. I say legalize it and allow it. If someone want's to make money this way, let them.

My opinion, no facts based on this response.
zes808's Avatar

"Yes it should be legalized" by zes808 (12)

I say yes, it should be legal. It empowers women, it lets them decide what they want to do with their bodies. Also prohibition never works, it hasn't worked in the past and it's not working now. By prohibiting prostitution you're just allowing for prostitutes to get arrested. If it was legalized prostitutes can go to the police if they have an abusive client. But prostitution should be regulated so you need to apply for a permit and have regular check ups to stop the spread of STDs.

FreeRoamer's Avatar

"Agree" by FreeRoamer (76)

I hate it how oftentimes, issues are framed foremost as "women's rights issues" when they often involve other aspects. Men have rights too, and this is an issue that affects all genders. Legalized prostitution should be embraced from an all-encompassing civil liberties perspective, not just an exclusive interest in womens' autonomy.


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