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Nineaxis's Avatar

"Should the embargo on Cuba be lifted?"

Original Opinion by Nineaxis (9)

The United States Embargo against Cuba was instituted nearly fifty years ago to curb Cuban trade as it became a socialist nation under Fidel Castro. Today, Fidel Castro is no longer in power and the socialist scare has long been dead, so is there any reason to continue economically isolating a small island nation from the world?

Without the backing of the Soviet Union, Cuba has little to no political leverage and is hardly a threat to capitalism. Furthermore, Cuba has sugar and tobacco only miles away from the U.S. coast, a reduction in shipping distance that could help yield higher profits for American corporations if they could trade and do business with Cuba.

Before the Cuban Revolution, Cuba was a travel destination as well, another opportunity for United States companies, notably travel agencies and cruise lines, to expand business.

Finally, many Cuban families are separated, and only by a small body of water. Easing travel restrictions would be a humanitarian thing to do, allowing Cuban families to reunite as one after years of forced separation.

Easing the embargo and loosening travel and commercial restrictions will also allow for a heightened US presence and oversight of Cuba, if worries still exist about its motives. By economically tying Cuba to the US, we gain leverage in a way beneficial to both parties, instead of exiling Cuba from international political and economic matters.

Cuba welcomes plenty of other nations, the United States stands alone in an outdated policy to combat a threat which does not exist.

What is your opinion on the situation? What harm can come from allowing Cuba back into the world sphere?


JamesBufkin's Avatar

"Let's Make Friends" by JamesBufkin (25)

I think we should end the embargo. Just like you said, it's old and doesn't apply anymore. I can think of another good reason to open relations, mechanics. I know it's silly, but they have lo of old cars still running there and those people who keep them running could take their expertise to the U.S. Not one of the greatest reasons but it can be added to the list. Capitalism may even spread easier to Cuba if we, like you said, start trading more with them. But before opening up too much, i think we need to hear what the objections are, and if they are easily refuted then let them be refuted, if not, then we may need to way the pros and cons more and make an educated decision.

Vultren's Avatar

"Russia" by Vultren (259)

Partnership between Russia and Cuba would create a national security threat, as Russia would have access to the south with the land and nuclear abilities. Old Cold War problems that were never fixed.

vesaversa's Avatar

"vesaversa" by vesaversa (9)

Of course it should have been lifted year ago .But the rich Cuban bureaucrats and politicians in this country will never allow it to happen .

Wood0173's Avatar

"I really don't care but..." by Wood0173 (9)

I personally don't care, but I will tell you why it won't be lifted: Americans will see the truth about socialism, or "democracy" as it is called in Newspeak. There would be such a citizen uproar if Americans were to start going there to where the Socialist Paradise of Cuba (where the poverty is evenly distributed) would become no more. Personally, I think that we are fine with leaving it be and just let quacks like Diane Watson and Babs Boxer boast about how wonderful things are. The people can choose to believe such bold accusations if they want to be ignorant.

mrmeangenes's Avatar

"Does it still serve a purpose ?" by mrmeangenes (23)

There has been plenty of exposure in the US media of Cuba's widespread poverty. I know I've seen plenty of stories and pictures; so I doubt there is any quacking elite trying to cover it up !

Fidel may be out of power, but "Fidelismo" is still very much in play. There is still a communist threat : not so much from across the seas as from Latin America, which has been moving slowly towards "super power" status via a five nation "Bolivarian Republic".

Would it help or hinder us to restore normal relations ?

I guess - if we are able to stomach doing business with (still) Red China, Cuba is not that indigestible.

Gaelin's Avatar

"Isolation" by Gaelin (212)

By Isolating Cuba all we are doing is driving it into the hands of our enemies. By lifting the embargo we gain influence there and can make sure that does not happen.

Teddyroosevelt's Avatar

"the deal" by Teddyroosevelt (45)

lets first face the fact the cuba has alot of humanitarain issues and is hardly a democracy but are we changeing any thing by doing nothing if we do open trade with cuba we should demand that there people have the right to emigrate to the united states and protection of americans touristing cuba extridition and such hopefully the emigrateing cubans can voice there opions on there country and maybe even form a front here where they probalbly couldnt in there own country
the same way we allowed dissedents from the soviet union and china to come here and work for the reform of there country


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