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  • Started on 26/4/12
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ispep's Avatar

"Should the US Government control the Oil Companies?"

Original Opinion by ispep (49)

I'm tired of paying so much for gas. Should we let the US Government control the oil industry so we can get cheap gas? I see this as a threat to national security and our entire economy if gasoline prices go over $6.00 a gallon.



Vultren's Avatar

"Not the private industry" by Vultren (259)

I think we need to make more options available. Basic economics.... supply and demand.

Drill baby drill!! Obama is only hurting himself with higher gasoline prices... his choice to end the Keystone Pipeline.

Gaelin's Avatar

"Not it wasnt Vultren!" by Gaelin (212)

Obama supported the pipeline, wasn't his decision. Was the state department's decision, Obama just agreed with it. And its not ended.

anjinks's Avatar

"so in other words fascism?" by anjinks (14)

you idiots don't understand business. gas costs so much because it costs so much. i know you don't want to hear that but its true.
besides we don't control the oil moron. we just sell it. you can't tell a gas station to charge a dollar when they paid 2 for it.

Vultren's Avatar

"Oh Really?" by Vultren (259)

Gaelin- link in sources. The read might inform you and teach you about what's going on in the pipeline issue.

anjinks- we're the idiots? You realize there is no supply issue... it's the speculators causing prices to go up. We don't understand business? I laugh.

anjinks's Avatar

"lol " by anjinks (14)

Gaelin i actually totally agreed with your comment

i was speaking to ispep who doesn't understand why you can't just take over an industry and dictate what they do. that is fascism not to mention unconstitutional.

anjinks's Avatar

"correction" by anjinks (14)

by gaelin i meant vultren

Gaelin's Avatar

"OH REALLY??" by Gaelin (212)

read your link vultren, it has a lot of good points though it vastly underestimates the level of opposition to the pipeline and it doesnt go into the reasons for this opposition. Check the link in sources, it should inform you further on the complexities of the pipeline debate.

Vultren's Avatar

"Checked your link" by Vultren (259)

I read it, biased to the max, one sided of course. Provided is another link.

Also, do you know how many jobs would be created with this?? Tons!

zes808's Avatar

"No, even if we wanted to we can't" by zes808 (12)

No, there is no way that the US government can even try to nationalize a industry. I'm pretty sure somewhere in the many government documents there is something about that. Besides the high gas prices forces us to look into cleaner energy sources, most notably hydrogen technology and nuclear fusion technology. Weather or not you believe in global warming you have to admit that releasing tons of CO2 into the atmosphere cannot be a good thing. And when the US is eventually free of Middle Eastern oil, Iranian threats to close a strait will no longer effect our economy and energy prices.

NicholasDiPreta's Avatar

"Re: "No, even if we wanted to we cant"" by NicholasDiPreta (7)

Cleaner energy sources are undoubtedly important going towards the future. I hate to be nitpicky but I strongly disagree that hydrogen and nuclear fusion are the ways to go. 1) hydrogen is not found in abundance in a form pure enough to be used in a hydrogen fuel cell. thus, hydrogen must be purified through a series of complex hydrolytic processes that inevitably create some type of CO2 emission regardless. For example, the Water Gas Shift rxn used to produce hydrogen, in which CO+H20 undergo a redox reaction to produce C02+H2 releases excess CO2 to the environment. 2) Nuclear fusion, while hypothetically viable, is about 20 years off with the current funding available. A governmental subsidy of current research would be much welcomed and even applauded, however lack of the prospect of short term results may be potentially restraining.

Back to the main argument. The government has not taken control of oil corporations because they are private industry protected by several international laws. The United States government however HAS according to credible estimates of annual fossil fuel subsidies , subsidized oil companies $10 billion to $52 billion annually in tax breaks etc.

The bottom line is that we need to move towards a more individually sustainable future. One in which we are free from uber-controlling corporations and governmental hierarchies.


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