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Gaelin's Avatar

"Should the US restore native lands?"

Original Opinion by Gaelin (212)

A UN official has called for the restoration of several tribal lands, as detailed in the link below.

Personally, I agree. I've been all over this country, ive been to Pine Ridge. I've been to Wounded Knee. As the official suggested reservations are still dealing with extraordinary problems including poverty and alcoholism, and dealing with a high degree of discrimination as well. The Black Hills rightfully belong to the brother tribes, the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota.


Vultren's Avatar

"This is funny!!" by Vultren (259)

We should give Texas back to Mexico too I bet huh? Maybe the UN should tell the US that as well...

Actually, why not just give the United States back to the Indians?

Gaelin's Avatar

"So you don't think the US should respect its own treaties?" by Gaelin (212)

Give this a read.

Gaelin's Avatar

"Time to take this seriously??" by Gaelin (212)

It's seriously bothering me that so many people act like this issue is a joke, it's about our nation holding up it's obligations under international law. How can we expect to lead the world when we can't even get our own house in order?

Vultren's Avatar

"Speaking of houses..." by Vultren (259)

Since you feel so strong on this subject or returning rightful land... I call for Gaelin to give up his location of residence right now to the rightful owners of the original land. Logical to your beliefs, correct?


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