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"Should the world be concerned with rising Greek Fascism?"

Original Opinion by Gaelin (212)

The Golden Dawn is gaining popularity by the day, despite the increasing numbers of attacks carried out in the streets by its members against immigrants and leftists. Greek Revamchism has always been strong, the Megali Idea never died, and the conflict between the majority of ethic Greeks and the minority of ethnic Turks on Cyprus could be the match that ignites all that. With the crashed economy and lost dreams of the increasingly restless unemployed youth providing the kindling. If conflict did erupt it could quickly become a major global issue, as Islamists and Christian Nationalists are drawn to the respective sides. Included are several links on the subject as I know it's not one that most Americans are familiar with. Of particular significance in the last is the 1974 coup, who's goal was union with Greece, and the subsequent Turkish invasion.


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