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ispep's Avatar

"Trayvon Martin - The next OJ Simpson Case?"

Original Opinion by ispep (49)

Is the new Trayvon Martin case the new OJ Simpson case? Will race wars spur? What really happened in between the 911 calls between Martin and Zimmerman?


Vultren's Avatar

"Looks like it..." by Vultren (259)

It appears so... it also appears that Zimmerman will be found not guilty or all charges will br dropped on him.

Gaelin's Avatar

"150k bail" by Gaelin (212)

he so innocent. Thats why he chased the poor kid after officers specifically told him not to.

Vultren's Avatar

"Facts" by Vultren (259)

So far, you are completely judging this case without all the facts.

You're basically saying it was ok for Martin to physically attack Zimmerman? Bashing his head against the pavement? Zimmerman stood his ground, and so far, with all the facts that have been released, I can't possibly see a charge for murder in the 2nd degree. I don't see any charge actually.


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