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Gaelin's Avatar

"Was The Cold War handled properly?"

Original Opinion by Gaelin (212)

Was the Soviet Union really the "red scare" the propaganda press made it out to be? Was installing dictators in nations around the world, an thus betraying our democratic principles for power, money and influence, a good idea in retrospect? Was creating the environment that would lead to the Islamic Revolution in Iran a well thought out plan? Was demolishing any international goodwill we may have had through constant interventions and exploitations really a good way to get this nation ready for the 21st century? Was tripping debt in a massive spending spree that WAS NEVER PAID OFF and still forms THE LARGEST PART OF THE DEBT to destroy the soviet union (and thus crash half the world economy) smart?? I'll be back with sources on how Reagan added a HUGE pile of debt in his legacy campaign to needlessly destroy the Soviet Union.


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"Yes." by Vultren (259)

Absolutely. We become the greatest super power the world has ever seen. We abolished evil Communism and still to this day are working on creating a better, free world. We are restoring God given rights to those who never had it.

No debt is good, but I would pick it any day over a flat out nuclear war.

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"Win the war?" by ispep (49)

If we won the war, and are still strong, then yes it was handled just fine.

Gaelin's Avatar

"Wait a SECOND." by Gaelin (212)

"evil communism" "better, free world" "restoring God given rights" enough with the propaganda. So you are telling me that if Reagen hadn't forced the dissolution of the Soviet Union, during a period of political and economic liberalization in that state, "flat out nuclear war" would have been the result? Come on, that's nonsense.

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"Also, " by Gaelin (212)

How did the overthrow of elected leftist regimes, such as those of Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras, and the subsequent installation of military regimes which repeatedly violated what you called "God given rights", create "a better, free world"?

Vultren's Avatar

"Absolutely." by Vultren (259)

Maybe you don't understand Cold War history? I'm not going to be the one who teaches you it, that's basic high school education. Maybe Wikipedia can teach you about the factors nuclear technology and the hate between the USSR and USA.

Before I comment on your second post, do you not enjoy living in a free country? Do you not enjoy your rights that so many have given their lives for? Do you not want your freedoms to be installed on others so they can rejoice life and not have to fear being killed by their government?

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"I'm gonna give you the benefit of doubt there.." by Gaelin (212)

I'm going to assume that you are simply unaware that history is both my greatest passion and my number one focus in study, and has been for about 10 years. I'm an AP scholar, which most of that done in history, I received 5's on the AP US and World history exams. Tony if there was so much hate between the USA and the USSR that nuclear war could have broken out at any time, including at the very end, here's a question: why didn't it? Because there were alot of complex factors, most notablly a little concept called Mutually Assured Destruction, that prevented direct conflict. For the second part Vultren I don't think you understand what I'm saying. You talk of "installing freedoms" and "live without fear of being killed by their governments". I'm talking about governments, installed by the CIA, that committed genocide against leftists, minority ethnic groups, and innocent bystanders. Maybe Wikipedia can tell you about some of the crimes that Noreiga, the Samosas, and the many regimes commuted under us support. Maybe it can tell you about the Shah's secret police.

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"I am not impressed." by Gaelin (212)

So far my thoroughly reasoned and well researched arguments have been met with emotional appeals to nationalistic pride, and an Ad Hominin attack. I must say, not exactly the best example of mature debating that I've seen on this site.


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