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Teddyroosevelt's Avatar

"What should American relations be to China?"

Original Opinion by Teddyroosevelt (45)

We're all aware that china is a major holder in us debt and trade with china has become an even system china exporting more mainly from the corporations with outsource there and there is no sign of china reforming its current humanitarian problems so my question is this how do people think we should react to china being the world largest economy

and please do not say nuke them its funny but not a reality


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"Don't Nuke 'em, we need them..." by Vultren (259)

Here is my opinion. Americans need to compete with them. Look at what we did during the Cold War with the Soviets. We competed with them to become more powerful, a larger and more powerful military. Look at us now, we're larger and more powerful than any nation military wise and have one of the most secure defense systems in the world.

I say we stop sending jobs and create an economic war, who can have the larger, stronger, studier economy. It's not only good for the United States, but good for the world's economy as well.

In my opinion, the innovation and big money is here in the United States and will stay that way way longer than we will see in our lifetime. However, China is a great threat.

Teddyroosevelt's Avatar

"i personaly agree" by Teddyroosevelt (45)

i think that if american industry revaps and focuses on qaulity production we can easily out compete the chinese i just hope we take those steps otherwise we will fall behind

thanks for your response still intersted on other peoples opinions on maybe how we can continue to compete

Vultren's Avatar

"We are falling behind China...." by Vultren (259)

That's the issue, we already are falling behind China.

I read that the new MLK statue in Washington D.C. was outsources to China, that's just ridiculous. We need Americans working again, it's good for the economy and it's good for country all together.

's Avatar

""falling behind China" by ()

Competitiveness is the answer but everyone should realise that to do this they must expect a fall in living standards- China pays its unskilled workers less than $2 per hour while the West pays that group around $10 for similar work.

We in the west have priced ourselves out of the market, sad, but a fact.

As Coleridge said, "we have game laws, corn laws, cotton factories, spitalfields, the tillers of the land paid by poor rates,and the remainder of the population mechanised into engines for the manufactory of new rich men; yea the machinery of the wealth of the nation made up of wretchedness, disease and depravity of those who should constitute the wealth of the nation."

AS we enter the period of the end of Fiat money perhaps it's time to re-set the economy, default on all the debt and start again-old money will be wiped out with new energetic men to do what we do best which is to create wealth from nothing.


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