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Teddyroosevelt's Avatar

"what will be the effect of americas growing isolationist movement on the world?"

Original Opinion by Teddyroosevelt (45)

what i mean by isolationist, any one who has seen ron paul on tv can get what i am saying, that there is a isolationist movement in the united states that want to withdral from the world by limiting are foriegn aid, ending are influence in the world and withdrawing are milatary

now i understand why this idea is popular with people what with the bad economy, and ending wars in iraq and afganistan and the general feeling that are government is mismanged

and what i want to ask all americans ignoring party lines what your opion is on how this will effect america and the world if the united states becomes unwilling to help deal with international problems

i have personally wittnessed the isolationist idea today he said i qoute 'it is not our problem to deal with genocide in africa'


nico's Avatar

"Isolationism vs. Non-interventionism " by nico (7)


I really like that you brought up this issue. I really think that there's a difference between Isolationism and Non-interventionism

Here's a short 3 minute youtube video addressing this issue regarding Ron Paul being an isolationist. The lady in the video I think makes a good argument that Paul is really a non-interventionist.

Gaelin's Avatar

"We need to withdraw" by Gaelin (212)

The USA as world-police is not wanted and not beneficial to us or anyone else. Disband the military, expand the reserves. Sell the overseas bases. In this way we create a new America for the 21st century.


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