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  • Started on 22/12/11
  • Category: Historical
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Teddyroosevelt's Avatar

"Will are country come together?"

Original Opinion by Teddyroosevelt (45)

The problems facing our nations must be faced we can not afford to be playing the blame game and set a side are political grievances to move forward
Now I don't expect this to happen but if we don't acknowledge the problem wil will never move past it


Vultren's Avatar

"The president" by Vultren (259)

Once Barack Obama is voted out of office, the country will go back on the right track.

Gaelin's Avatar

"The Problem Is Partisanship" by Gaelin (212)

We need 10-15 political parties, none of which could create a government without coalition support. Until this happens, expect more of the above.


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