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MoodyRed's Avatar

"Will Obama listen to GOP concerns?"

Original Opinion by MoodyRed (8)

Obama says he is open to bipartisan solutions to health care, and I think that is good, but he has not shown bipartisan ship when he is forever placing blame on the other poolitical party and calling them the party of "No."
His actions have been far louder than his words.
If he is interested in the Gop's views then we would expect him to listen, and not expect them to follow along like sheep.
The president must remember that bipatisanship does not mean surrender.


ronc994's Avatar

"your right" by ronc994 (13)

This administration has clearly shown they will do whatever it takes to get their own ideas and issues passed through, with little or no concern for what the opposition thinks, or the large percentage of the public that do not agree with them either.

They are paying back their support groups, unions, GM,, etc. and to heck with everyone else.

Homicide1's Avatar

"Homicide1" by Homicide1 (6)

Red as usual you have nailed this one. Obama
forgets that there is more to governing than
loose rhetoric. He talks a good game. And
plays a bad one.

Gaelin's Avatar

"How about bush?" by Gaelin (212)

Was bush any better in terms of bipartisanship? do you think McCain would have been? we must recognize that this problem comes from both sides and work to control it or else we will simply separate into two armed camps, just like we did before the civil war.


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