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ekoc's Avatar

"Women's Rights?"

Original Opinion by ekoc (37)

This might sound bad an offensive, but it seems women now a days are always claiming they don't have rights. That they should be allowed to have an abortion, yet they don't fight for the right to allow themselves to sell sex...? I don't get it.


Shushme1's Avatar

"I think it's a question of what's degrading..." by Shushme1 (10)

Most women, and people at that, see prostitution as degrading work and I think that's why the women's movements aren't behind legalizing it.

However prostitution isn't a monopoly owned by females. There are male prostitutes as well. So it's more of a human issue than a women's issue.

But the feminists do so much political work and hold so much power in politics (the president Barack Obama is a feminist, as is the vice president Joe Biden, ect.) that if something does become a women's issue it's more likely to be accomplished in the political field.

While there is no way to truly define all the feminists under the same blanket I would bet most of them would be against prostitution. This is illogical for the feminists that think this way though. Prostitution is an empowering line of work. They don't sell themselves, they sell their services.

Vultren's Avatar

"I dont know..." by Vultren (259)

Shushme1, these feminsts will fight for women so thet do "what they want" with their bodies. Yet they don't support allowing women to sell their body?

I agree with ekoc....

opajela's Avatar

"Vultren" by opajela (13)

Seriously, read what Shushme1 wrote...

He clearly said that prostitution isn't monopolized by females. There are male prostitutes as well. And that is as illegal as female prostitution.

The feminists don't even WANT to legalize female prostitution. Shushme1 made his point clear and it made a lot of sense. I don't understand what's not to get.

Gaelin's Avatar

"Vultren you support the freedom of men to own guns, why not to give blowjobs for money?" by Gaelin (212)

Ill bet the blowjobs would kill less people, so since you're "pro life" this plan should be right up your alley!


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