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CO and WA legalized marijuana - your opinion?

I noticed there were no debates posted about this topic, even though this was an election event that received considerable media coverage. Do you think Colorado and Washington voters did the...
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Who can justify the War on Drugs?

How can anyone justify the War on Drugs? For one, the War on Drugs is the EXACT SAME concept as alcohol Prohibition, except different drugs being banned. All arguments used in favor of or...
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Should marijuana be legalized for recreational purposes?

Prohibiting marijuana has done absolutely nothing to deter marijuana use. 2 in 5 Americans have used marijuana at least once in their lifetime. (1) 1 in 3 teens report having used marijuana at...

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Student Loans -What do you think?

The United States Federal Government should set the interest rate for subsidized student loans at zero percent. Do you agree or disagree?
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Why Does America Only Have 2 Political Parties?

It is imperative for one to be correct and the other to be wrong all the time? Can't they both be wrong?
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Should we close the gun show loophole?

In many states, Washington included, private sales of firearms are allowed at private gunshows, providing a nearly untraceable supply of weapons with no background checks or psychological...