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Cryptobiotic Crust?

I was recently on a road trip around Colorado and Utah. There were signs and people telling us not to walk on the dirt because it would kill all the vegetation that has accumulated over the...

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Is Global Warming finally proven wrong?

I mean look at the Mid West and East Coast, record Winter storms and cold streaks during an El Nino year. Where has Al Gore gone? What about the Emails send by Global Warming officials? Is the...
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Is Political Correctness leading the US closer to collapse?

First off, I'm not a racist, but I do believe in the saying "Whatever it takes to get the job done". Which is why I support racially profiling Muslims. No, I don't hate...
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Are we all equal?

No offense to anybody, but there are so many differences in this world between the two genders. Should we all be treated the same? Is it fair that females have more rights than men now a days?...